The 2D online rpg you can play solo or with friends!
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About Deloria Online

Deloria Online is a FREE 2D online RPG (role-playing game) that you can play solo or with friends!

In the fantasy world of Deloria Online, your destiny awaits you. Will you be the ultimate hero, or will you perish at the hands of foes? Journey into a distant realm of Mages, Rogues and Warriors, battling for survival and domination in these strange new lands. Embark on amazing adventures of courage and participate in quests for glory. Slay great monsters and earn even greater rewards! Train and excel in your base class to unlock up-to three sub-classes.

With a new corruption that has recently come to the lands, the need is dire to recruit the hero the world needs. Could you be this hero?

Welcome to your new world.. welcome to Deloria Online.


Deloria Online Features

WORLD: Brand new world with all new graphics, continents and maps. Start your journey departing Collingwood Capital in the Delshire Kingdoms, trying to find a source and solution to a new corruption that has come to the land. Travel to exotic destinations on other continents, like Merchant Cove of Killik Island or Majestic Falls, home of the fae.

CLASSES: Players can choose from 3 main classes (Mage, Rogue and Warrior). Classes unlock unique abilities as they level and as they unlock additional sub-classes. Each class has a different main attribute (Intellect, Agility, Strength) and equipment armor type (Light Armor, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor).

SUB-CLASSES: Each main class has 3 sub-classes that can be unlocked and learned. Each sub-class has additional abilities to learn for their class. Sub-Classes can vary in offensive, defensive and support abilities.

ABILITIES: Players learn abilities as they level through their main class and sub-classes. At the end of each sub-class abilities tree, players can learn powerful Ultimate abilities.

QUEST SYSTEM: Players can choose from a variety of quests while in the game, including: Main story quests, class quests, profession and optional side quests. Quests will help players level with experience, gear and rewards.

PROFESSIONS: Players can unlock and learn all professions in-game. Currently there are 3 professions to master (Alchemy, Cooking, Gardening). Players can craft potions, elixirs, flasks, or even hearty meals that give beneficial attributes. Players can grow cooking and alchemy reagents in their gardens to save money, or even make it!

MEAL BUFF/ELIXIRS: Players can now eat meals and drink elixirs for attribute buffs and other affects. Meal buffs last for 20 minutes and are lost upon death. Elixir buffs last for 1 hour and persist through death. You can buy these items from stores and the auction house, or craft them from professions.

ENCHANTING SYSTEM: Players can buy enchants for their equipment and weapons from vendors in towns. Using an enchant on an item will make that item soulbound to you. Enchanting will later become another profession.

GUILDS: Players can band together to form ranks as a Guild. Guilds can be leveled-up to unlock additional perks, like increased capacity, unique guild banners and purchasable guild posts/towers.

FASHIONISTA: Players can unlock outfit, head and face appearances in-game by equipping gear or unlocking appearances. Visiting a Beauty Boutique in town will allow players to change their hair color/syle or set permenant outfit, head or face appearancs (transmog).

IN-GAME MAIL SYSTEM: Players can send and receive mail and items to and from other players via the new in-game mail system. The mail system will also be used by the server for announcements and events. Soon the mail system will be used for the Auction House (WIP) when it is added to the game. Players can click on a mailbox, located in all cities, to open their mail. Players are notified when they have new mail via a new mail icon at the top of the screen beside the map name. All mail is sent immediately and has a default delete date after 31 days (Server mail excluded). Additional features like Guild Mail may be introduced at a later time.

PARTY SYSTEM: Players can group together in a party of up-to four players. Parties can be a good way to tackle harder foes, or share beneficial buffs. Parties are also recommended for Dungeons.

PvP & ARENA: Some zones in Deloria Online are marked as PvP maps, and allow player vs player combat. Be careful, as you may lose inventory items or delets if you die. Players can also choose to turn PvP on for all maps, allowing them to combat on non-pvp maps, with others who also have this feature enabled. Players can enter the Champions Arena in West Collingwood for some PvP practice and display. No penalties for death in the arena.


The History of Deloria Online

Deloria Online was started in 2000 as a small online game created in a legacy coding language. Deloria Online quickly grew to over 30,000 players on multiple servers and won various awards from 2001 and onward, as well as being featured in PC Gamer magazine as one of the best free games to play.

Deloria Online takes an immense amount of work for one person, and in 2008 I was forced to put my work on Deloria Online on hold to focus on my real life IT career. I am happy to bring it back, with all these new features. Be patient with us as we restart all over again, and join the community!

Deloria Online is designed and developed by Jeffrey O'Blenis