The World of Deloria Online

- All new Class system with Sub-Classes and sub-class trees.
- All new Abilities system.
- All new Quest system.
- All new Party system with level-up bonuses.
- All new Guild system with level-up bonuses.
- All new Player Shops.
- All new Food and Elixir code.
- All new Enchant system.
- All new Player Gardens

.. and MUCH more!

Click Here for full 5.0 Patch Notes with images



The History of Deloria Online

Deloria Online is a 2D MMORPG (massively multi-player online role-playing game) that was first created in 2000 as a small online game created in a legacy coding language by Jeffrey O'Blenis, which grew to a capacity of over 30,000 players on multiple servers. Deloria Online won various awards from 2001 and on, as well as being featured in PC Gamer magazine as one of the best free games to play. Deloria Online takes an immense amount of programming for one person, so in 2008 Deloria Online had to be put on hold.

As of 2016, I again began deveopment of Deloria Online. The game has been COMPLETELY redone with all new features, new graphics, new classes and of course an all new world with new monsters, items, quests, abilities and more! Come join the start of a new era.. come join the new world of Deloria Online.