The world of Deloria Online

Journey into a realm of brave warriors, cunning rogues and mystic magicians. Battle brutal monsters for survival and domination in these strange new lands called Deloria. Embark on amazing adventures of courage and participate in quests for glory. Although the past may have been forgotten, the future lies with you.

In the fantasy world of Deloria Online, your fate awaits you. Will you be the ultimate master, or will you perish at the hands of others?

Fight for survival while training your character in the path of your choice, overcoming all who oppose you. Become an honorable and powerful Warrior, or learn the keen arts of a Rogue, or master the ancient ways of magic to become a Magician. With the aid of town’s folk, other players and fellow guild members, you embark to gain knowledge of the lands and build a vast supply of epic equipment and items. Train to become the best, and drive fear in any who oppose you... human or otherwise.

Your fate is as you make it. Choose what you believe, become whom you wish, and fulfill the destiny that lies before you. Welcome to your new world. Welcome to Deloria Online.



The history of Deloria Online

Deloria Online is a graphical 2D MMORPG (massively multi-player online role-playing game) that was first created in 2000 as a small online game created by in a legacy coding language by Jeffrey O'Blenis, which grew to a capacity of over 30,000 players on multiple servers. Deloria Online won various awards from 2001 and on, as well as being featured in PC Gamer magazine as one of the best free games to play. Deloria Online takes an immense amount of programming for one person, so in 2008 Deloria Online had to be put on hold.

I am happy to say that as of 2016 Deloria Online is again under development. The game has been completly recoded with upgraded features, new graphics, new classes and of course an all new world with new monsters, items, quests and more! Come join the start of a new era.. come join the new Deloria Online.