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Deloria Online Classes & Sub-Classes
Deloria Online Classes


Sub-Classes: Pyromancer, Earth Bender, Cleric

Primary Attribute: Intellect
Armor Class: Light Armor

The intellegent and powerful Mage. Able to summon elemental and holy light to rain destruction on their enemies, or even heal and buff from the heavenly light above.

The Pyromancer is the glass cannon of all classes and sub-classes. Able to dish out destructive elemental flames upon their enemies, they have limited protection from abilities and armor type.

An Earth Bender can conjure and manifest the earth around them to weild to their call. A powerful sub-class that has a little more self-sustain than their Pyromancer counterpart, as well as being able to summon an Earth Golem to fight along side them for a limited time.

The Cleric is the prime support sub-class. With a mix of HoT (heal over-time), player buffs, debuff cleansing, a powerful aoe healing ultimate and even flames of holy light to punish their foes.


Sub-Classes: Blade, Druid, Totemist

Primary Attribute: Agility
Armor Class: Medium Armor


Sub-Classes: Warmonger, Paladin, Blood Knight

Primary Attribute: Strength
Armor Class: Heavy Armor