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In Closed Alpha. Join Discord to join the testing.
Deloria Online Downloads

The Deloria Online Open Alpha is HERE! Open Alpha starts Thursday December 29th 2022 at 8:00PM EST. Come start with us in a brand new world, and don't forget to join our Discord and Facebook and join the community.

Winter Wonderland Event

Be sure to join us for our 'Winter Wonderland Mini Event' Friday January 6 2023 to Monday January 16 2023
Witness the live winter transformation in-game at 8:00pm event launch, and join us for limited time quests, rewards and unlockable appearances during the event.


  • Both Deloria Online and it's installer package are written in legacy coding languages (Visual Studio and Visual Studio Installer) which some anti-virus software can cause problems when installing. I have gone through the game client, launcher and updater to reduce these messages as much as possible, to most cases none. I am also happy to report that in doing so, stand-alone installation is now available as well. You can simply download the latest launcher file from the website, and when executed, it will know its a clean install and do the rest. You will just need to know how to register a couple .dll files (if needed).

    If you are unfamiliar with registering .dll files or want the easier/faster route, I would recommend the Microsoft Installer. If you plan on using multiple accounts on the same machine, I would recommend the stand-alone installtion method.         
  • You should NOT have to run any components of the game in admin mode, or you may get a 'DelDownload' error. Deloria Online has 4 executables that need access to the internet, so if you have any issues you may want to make sure these components are added to your firewall safe list.
    Deloria Online components (deloria.exe, dellaunch.exe, delupd.exe, dsc.exe)
  • It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you use the default install folder when using the Microsoft Installer. Do not use folders that require additional permissions.
    Default on most newer Windows OS: C:\Users\<account>\AppData\Roaming\Deloria Online

Download Microsoft Installer
Click 'More info' then click 'Run anyway'.

Stand-alone Launcher (No Installer)
Download the most recent Deloria Online Launcher file. Run in a clean folder for clean install. (Longer Install)
If you have any issues, use the Microsoft Installer above.

dellaunch.exe (Deloria Online Launcher) 124 KB

Additional files that you may need to download and register: